The Eden Alternative

The Eden Alternative

Here at New Outlook, our methods of care, training and company philosophy are based on the core principles of the Eden Alternative. The Eden Alternative is a person-centred and person-directed method of care, intended to give the individual choice and control over their care and support.

Developed in America in the 1990s by Dr Bill Thomas who identified that loneliness, helplessness and boredom are the key causes behind elderly peoples suffering,10 Eden Alternative Principles were created to enhance the wellbeing of older people and how we provide care for them.

The Eden Alternative views care givers and care receivers as ‘care partners’, meaning individuals are given greater control over their own lives and how the support they receive is delivered by working together with their support team.

We firmly believe in the Eden Alternative and all our care staff have all been trained in this philosophy to ensure it is fully embedded in their practice.

This includes:

• Getting to know the individual better
• Looking at how their daily routine can be supported and enriched
• Focusing on how individuals can be helped to do more

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