Community Services

New Outlook can support service users to access a range of activities in their local community. The aim of the service is to enhance the life experiences of people  who are not currently taking a full and active part in their local community because of their disability. The activities vary from escorting people to social groups, leisure activities,  current affairs, a visit to the pub, cinema or concert,  IT training, employment and volunteering. Our community service  can offer a great opportunity for adults to try out new activities  surrounded by supportive and experienced staff.

How to Access the Service

For more information please contact  us on 0121 602 6511 or email

Communication Services

At New Outlook we recognise and appreciate the diversity of every individual to communicate in their preferred way. With this in mind, our staff are skilled in developing individual communication strategies for each person and we are experienced in the following forms of communication:

  • Verbal
  • Written/large print
  • Makaton
  • Symbol/picture cards
  • Deaf/blind manual
  • IT – dolphin software
  • Tactile picture boards


In addition, our communication is adapted to meet the following specific needs:

  • Dyslexia
  • Braille (information can be transcribed upon request)
  • Moon (information can be transcribed upon request)
  • Other languages – please enquire at head office for further information
  • Audio
  • Talking notice boards