Respite Care

Respite care is any sort of help or support that enables a person to take a break from the responsibility of caring for somebody else. Caring for someone can be a full-time job, and like any job, you sometimes need to take a break.

Residential Respite Care

We may be able to offer pre-planned respite care within our residential services subject to vacancies. Please contact our customer service team for further information

In-home Respite Care

Through the use of our Home Heroes service New Outlook can provide pre-planned respite care.

We can provide a range of care and support in your home or your relatives home through the use of our Home Heroes service to help out with a range of responsibilities including:

  • Personal care
  • Shopping
  • 1-1 time for internal or external activities
  • Escort for appointments/support to liaise with professionals
  • Domestic
  • Sitting service – 24hours
  • Daily living skill training
  • Escorts for holidays

Please refer to our Home Heroes services for further information or contact us on 0121 602 6511