Our Values


Our Vision is to “Make a difference to people’s lives”

New Outlook’s mission is to “offer a unique approach to supporting people with visual impairment and other needs and to work with people on equal terms to meet their needs and help them live full lives.”

New Outlook uses the Eden Alternative Principles to help shape the way that we provide our care services. The Eden Alternative Principles focus on putting the individual at the heart of everything we do, and that care providers and care recipients are considered ‘care partners’ meaning the recipient has as much control over their care as the carer.


Our core values summarise the qualities of New Outlook and the people behind it:

  • Approachable – friendly and easy to talk to
  • Supportive – understanding and encouraging
  • Professional – capable and skilful
  • Innovative – inventive and adaptable
  • Reliable – consistent quality and performance
  • Empowering – confident and strong